February 27, 2008

1:50 PM
Yay for clean homes!! We just stayed with Flav Giorgini(brother of Mass...Do you know him?), his wife Nicolette, and their 9 month old daughter Zara. Throw in their 8 yr old german shepherd Jay and you would think chaos all about, but this place was 20 times cleaner than any place we've stayed. Unbelieveable... For a 12 hour period I wasn't fearful of getting scabies. so again..YAY!!

By the way, we are experiencing another beautiful day here in England. Can't believe the luck we're getting. We just got on the train at Leicester station and will arrive at our next destination(NEWCASTLE) in approximately 3.5 hrs. The gig last night was great. Finally, I felt comfortable playing music. We met lots of nice people, played with some great punk bands, sold a bunch of cd's and really...what else can one ask for? I hope I can stay in a good comfort zone from now until the end of tour.

Geeez, it's been a crazy 24 hours. We arrived in DERBY yesterday at 12 noon and were greeted by a car service whom took us to the wedding in which I would be playing at. We arrived, but still didn't quite know what we were supposed to do? We carefully ventured inside and wandered about the hotel. Eventually we found the right place to be. I had Chris take out his guitar too, so he wouldn't feel so awkward being this random dude standing around. I quickly taught him the song I would play when the bride and groom entered the reception hall and bam.. they came out, we played and that was it. DONE!! 1 song

I was never sure what we were supposed to do next. We kind of played some background music for the next 10 minutes, but that was it. The guitars went away and never came out again. Of course Hiro was already spreading his power to all the guests in attendance. We'd be sitting in a corner and I'd say to Chris "Look, hiro is sitting next to the grandpa like he's been part of the family for years". Genius.

Next up was lunch, but it was 2 hours before service began. I'm not sure what British weddings are like as this is my first, but man we were so hungry. It was a really mello atmosphere. No crazy partying, just people relaxing, drinking coffee and talking amongst themselves. I tried taking a nap by crawling under a clothed table that would camaflouge me from the wedding, but no luck.

Well, I guess congratulations are in order for the newlyweds Jen and Chris. A toast.."To years of happiness and success". HERE HERE!!

We had to catch the train to Leicester, so we missed out on dessert. Oh well, I was well full at that point. A quick taxi back to the station and a short 30 minute train to Leicester for the show. Good fun.
Alright, I'm gonna enjoy the scenery for a bit. be well.
mike park