February 26, 2008

10:12 AM(Sunny ENGLAND)
And that's no lie. We awoke this morning to blue skies. It's getting a bit patchy at the moment, but geez I felt like I was back in California for a short time. Last night, we stayed with a gentleman named Mischa. I had met him only through email as he is a music journalist who requested a promo of the ALKALINE TRIO re-issue and I noticed he lived in London. And so I just asked over email if we could stay at his home and he said YES.... How nice eh? Letting total strangers into your home. Very cool. He lived in a flat where the bedrooms were gigantic. Probably around 700 sq/ft with high ceilings. Perfect for building a loft to give you even that much more room. But yup, it's always a bit difficult finding a place to stay in London, but we actually got a few offers, so Cheers London.

We are off to DERBY for a wedding. Not sure if I had mentioned this previously, but I had gotten an email from the father of the bride about two months ago. It said something like this:
"Hello Mike Park, my daughter met her future husband at your show in DERBY in 2005. They are getting married on Feb. 26th and I noticed on your tour schedule that you were playing Leicester on that day which is only 40 KM away. What could we do to get you to come play her wedding?"

Well, it didn't take much. They offered me free food at the wedding for me and my traveling mates and even a small honorarium which I will surely put to good use. I'm curious why they are getting married at noon on a Tuesday and of course I'm curious to see what they say when I show up in non-wedding attire along with two mates that are equally dressed down for the occassion. And finally, what am I supposed to play at a wedding? I hope I don't have to play for so long. I can't imagine their guests wanting me to play for a long time. Or will they? And is it inappropriate if I try to sell them cd's of my music? Hmmmm....

Let's backtrack to yesterday. We arrived at the BBC at noon. We took a taxi from the London Paddington Station. Total cost: 7 POUNDS. And this is for a distance of one MILE at the most. We loaded in, met our engineers for the day and started setting up for our session. Playing 3 songs each, we finished at around 2:30 which gave us an hour and a half before we were to do a remote interview with the host MIKE DAVIES who lives in Los Angeles. So we got some food in the cafeteria and then took a power nap before our interview.

Next stop: CAMDEN TOWN for the show at the BAR MONSTA. We got another cab to take us to the show. TOTAL PRICE: 16 pounds. I had invited the band "KING BLUES" to play an unannounced set at the show, which they were kind enough to do. They played completely unplugged and were mindblowing good. They remind me of a modern day CLASH. Really powerful music with a more acoustic vibe to them. I hope they can get their music over to the states. I think they can really turn some heads if they came over this side of the Atlantic.

It was a great show, but again I'm feeling a bit off in terms of my performance. A lot of nonsensible babble and poor song selection. I'm not preparing for the show like I should. My projector has been broken since the first show and my attitude has been a little bit random towards preparing for the show. Pretty much a "I'll just wing it attitude per se". But yup.. I need to get my act together or I'll continue performing sub par shows and disapointing myself. People still seem to enjoy themselves, but I need to fix some issues I'm having. Anyways, I better get going here. Be well.
mike park