February 25, 2008


9:01 AM
We're on the train headed to London Paddington. The train is packed and I'm faced in the opposite direction in which the train is headed. Always a dizzying experience for me, but at least there's a seat for me. We'll be there in about 2.5 hrs, so hopefully it's not too bad of an experience. Wish we could have sat together, but I guess a bit of alone time is good to. We played the Cavern Club in Exeter last night. A great place that I quite enjoy. The owners(Pippa and Dave) are both solid people grounded in punk culture and they always treat you quite well. Unfortunately my popularity isn't quite up to par in Exeter and a scarce crowd is usually the quota for my show. Nonetheless, it's always a fun time. I just wish I could help bring more people to their establishment instead of them losing money on me every time I'm through. Last night was no different. Small crows of around 30 people, but still quite fun. Smiling faces, good vibes, and what I felt was a good performance.

We were put up in a hotel, which was quite nice. I celebrated by taking two showers yesterday. I even washed some socks and underwear whilst bathing and they were nice and dry by morning.
The rooms were tiny... More so than you can imagine, but I was still more than grateful for a bed to sleep in. I managed to fall asleep at around 2 AM and was up at 7:30. 5.5 hrs of sleep. I'll take it!!!

The hotel provided breakfast starting at 8 AM. Why so late? Unfortunately we had to leave early to catch our train. So no free breakfast. Sad? yes.... The rooms had no bathrooms, we had to venture one floor up or one floor down to use the restroom. At least they were clean. I'll take clean anytime.

The weather remains dark and cloudy, which is what England is famous for I guess. But we seem to have beams of sunshine fighting through today. And though it's a bit colder, as long as it stays dry then all is good. We've had good luck with that thus far. Alright.. I'll check in a bit later. Be well.
Mike Park