February 24, 2008


4:31 PM
The sun is already setting and yet we've only been up a few hours. A complexed look hit my face when my watch read 1:49 PM as I struggled to realize that we just slept the day away. I woke up Hiro and Chris to inform them of our mishap. Oh well. What can you do. I'm kind of grateful that I was able to sleep enough to qualify for a good nights sleep. We had limited time left in Brighton, so we headed out to get some food. We decided to cook, so we headed to the grocery store:
6 eggs
mild cheddar
white bread
raspberry yogurt
3 bananas
and 3 waters
Total cost: 7 pounds 23 pence.
Huge savings. We headed back to home base, cooked up some food and packed up for our next destination:SOUTHAMPTON. We are on the train this very moment.

We also celebrated round 1 of BEANS AND TOAST

Yummmm....But I ended up eating too much and therefore yummm.. turned to ummmm.. turned to blah.... Couldn't find another rhyme there.. SORRY.

I'll write more later or perhaps on the train ride to Exeter tomorrow. Be well.
Peace, mike

6:47 AM(PST)
Well, well, well... To be perfectly honest, I'm a bit out of it. Feeling a bit crazed. I just can't sleep. Included in this puzzle are Chris and Hiro. As I laid awake in the early morning, frustration poured over me and I could only think about my wife and daughter. Could it really be? Am I over the touring life style? Staying in dirty punk houses, wearing the same clothes for the 4th day straight, bathing sparingly, and always being on the run. Nah.. I love it. But man I need to sleep. At 5 AM I finally gave up and saw that Hiro was awake and then Chris chimed in as we discussed the sleep deprivation we were all experiencing. The sentiments were "WE'VE GOT TO GET SOME SLEEP". I ended up cooking some pasta, hoping to gorge myself into a coma state. Finally at around 8:30 AM I fell asleep and was up at 12:10 PM. I hadn't checked the train schedule for the day and at 12:38, we found out the next train was leaving at 12:50. And being the gamers we are, we tried our best to make it, but pulled up to wave goodbye to our train. Oh well. We tried.

The next train was an hour away, so we had some coffee and just relaxed. With just a wee bit over 3 hours of sleep, should I try to stay up til' tonight? We need to get up tomorrow at around 7:30 AM to catch a train to LONDON. By the way we're doing a BBC session. Pretty exciting to be honest. Anyways, we're getting a hotel tonight to get a good night or rest. So perhaps this will be final piece to our sleeping issues.

We played a punk house called the HOMESTEAD in SOUTHAMPTON. To be honest, it was a lot of fun. There's a certain charm about doing house shows that can't be replicated in a club. I think it's safe to say that experience is shared by the audience as much as the artist. There was an abundance of punks nestled in this 8 bedroom home that seemed to be inhabited by at least 3 times that number. Bikes filled the hallway, laundry scattered about, half drunk beer could be found in the bathroom. And I'm positive a deep clean had not been done since the first set of punks moved in over 5 years ago. Ahhhh....the good life.

We packed up after the show to get some rest at another house hoping that would be a quiet getaway, but we went from one party house to another party house that was equally chaotic and scattered with people all about. Kids had driven to the show from WALES and the kind people let them sleep on the floor. It just added to the insanity of it all and it didn't cause us to lose any sleep really. But the desire to lay our heads in a sparkling clean environment is much desired.
ok...I need to go. I'll talk to you soon.
Mike Park