February 23, 2008

I sit cross legged in my friend Buzz's flat in Brighton, England. I am wide awake in complete darkness where only the glow of this computer garners any warmth. Chris is snoring heavily and Hiro sleeps soundly just a few feet away from me. About 6 hours ago we finished day one of our UK tour. My body and soul are extremely tired, but at the same time I'm refreshed and excited for the rest of our trip. Our flight landed at 6:49 AM and for some reason both Chris and I were worried about getting past immigration since we were both traveling without work permits. Chris' same level of stress actually made me feel better since I'm usually the king of worry. But yup, we made it through fine and were on our way. Hiro, with his new haircut was waiting just past the customs door. He had a big smile on his face and off to the train station we went.
yay..relax time on the train..

We arrived in Brighton at 10 AM. Remarkable considering we just landed 3 hours prior. The train makes life so much easier.Not having to deal with the hell of traffic makes everyone's life that much easier.Hiro gave Chris a new nickname. He is now called SUIHONKI. Means RICE COOKER in Japanese. Pronounced SUE(like the girls name) the letter E and then HONK and then again the letter E. SOO-E-HONK-E
If you ever see the Lawrence Arms or SUNDOWNER live, please remind Chris of his new name. He'll be very appreciative.

Our early arrival was a suprise to Buzz and his girlfriend Emma. We chatted over black tea and then headed out to get all you eat Indian Food at this vegetarian joint we always hit up when we're in town. Not the best Indian, but there's a certain quality about it that I crave every time through this town. After gorging ourselves, we dragged our tired bodies back to Buzz's pad and slept for nearly 4 hours. The three of us were passed out from 2-6 PM. We'd probably still be sleeping if Buzz hadn't woken us up. We straightened up and headed out to the first show at the Prince Albert. A lengthy 4 minute walk away. They recently passed a no smoking law inside public places. Thank GOD!!

As for the show....Well, not one of the better performances for me. I felt out of rhythm and lathargic for most of the evening. The continuity of past shows in Brighton put this performance down on the bottom for me, but hopefully those who attended still enjoyed the music. I still played my heart out and of course it was still fun, but yup.. not one of my better performances.FUN at the show...

We headed back to home base after the show. It was still early, just past 11, but I declined on going out to some late night party. I needed to do some organizing, so I opted to stay in and eat round 1 of BEANS AND TOAST with HIRO. At around 2 ish, I passed out and was awoken at 3:30 by a drunken Chris McCaughan. Prancing around naked, Hiro quickly woke up and started taking pictures of Chris and the rukus of it all had me awake for good. And now I sit here a bit worried that I won't sleep til' the wee hours of morning. It's not even 10 PM at home. DOH DOH DOH

Anyways, I guess I'll try sleeping. Be well.
To my wife and daughter. I love you and miss you. Be well.
Mike Park