February 22, 2008

2:46 PM
I managed a 10-15 minute nap thus far on this flight bound for London. And now I fear that the next 7 hours will be spent with heavy eyes, but a body that is unable to sleep. Throw in the fact that I'm actually excited to be flying. You see, this flight is maybe at 25% capacity and I've never ever been in this much comfort.
(Chris enjoying his private jet)It seems for the past 10 years I've constantly been on crammed flights with my massive girth sucking in to fit in the economy priced seats. But right now I have tons of leg room, a BEE'S LIFE is playing on my personal tv set and I just ate a so-so vegan meal of cous cous and sweet potatoes. Not bad, but not great. I think I'm in such a good mood that they could have served me a bowl of grits and I would have been YEAH!! I'm not even VEGAN, but I usually pick a vegan meal on flights just cause some of that meat they serve you is FUNKY......
(look carefully, there's nobody sitting anywhere near me)

Last night I said goodbye to my wife and daughter. I dropped them off at San Jose Intl Airport as they are taking this time to visit my in-laws in Maine whilst I tour around Europe. My little daughter is growing up so fast. She'll definitely be talking more consistently when I see her next. It was tough to say goodbye. I love them both so much. Sniff sniff...

After my tears dried up I headed out to San Francisco to play a show at the Bottom of the Hill. I was playing with friends Kevin Seconds, Kepi Ghoulie, and Chris McCaughan whom I will spend the next month with on tour. I was a bit nervous about the show as I tend to get that way when I do a home town concert. Lots of people came and it was just one of those great shows where everything goes smoothly and people are so friendly and yup... I was pretty excited about the evening.
(fun at the show)
(more fun at the show)

The show finished at a bit past midnight and the race was on(for me at least) to get packed up and back to the south bay where I hoped to manage a few hours sleep before heading back to SF for today's flight.

My pedal to the medal landed us back in about 54 minutes at exactly 1:43 AM. I made pasta for Chris and I as we talked about this and that. I seemed to remember my head hitting the pillow at around 2:30. I set my alarm for 6 AM and I slumbered soundly. When an alarm goes off I'm usually pretty good at getting up, but this morning I could barely move. Sleep never felt so good at that very moment. A couple times hitting the snooze button and I was finally up and at em at 6:30. Making sure I packed everything, I double and triple checked my list and all was good. We were ready to go.

And so I sit here now, feeling awfully sleepy, but nonetheless excited for the next month of travel with my friends. I'll be writing a lot on the train, so check back tomorrow. As long as I can find an internet connection, then I'll be able to post stuff daily. Be well people.
Mike Park