February 18, 2008

6:58 AM
Ahhhhh.. Good morning. Beautiful weekend. I spent my time at work, but it was a lot of fun. We had a total of 11 volunteers come in on Saturday and 9 volunteers on Sunday. We completed about 95% of the needed tasks and demolished 7 pizzas, a box of cookies, a case of soda, a case of water, a box of donuts, and 5,000 LP jackets sere stuffed in plastic envelopes.

Now I can leave for England feeling pretty confident that the work load won't be too bad. Again, I settle here with a nice cup of tea this morning. How I love drinking tea. Anyways, I'll venture out to work on this presidents day holiday. Hopefully not too many hours will be worked as I have just two more days to spend with my family before they leave for MAINE and then I will follow them east and over the pond to England. My mind is definitely hitting overdrive. So many things are racing around. Wondering if I did this or that. ARgghhh... But it's a good thing to be on your toes. I like this being busy feeling. Perhaps I can take this feeling and run with it.
Peace, mike park