December 21, 2003
5:22 PM

My mom is singing tonight at Korean Church. The emphasis is Korean church because nobody can relate to the experience of going to Korean church unless A.You are Korean B.You are dating a Korean and go by default This is your only in...Otherwise it would be odd that you would go to a Korean speaking congregation when you are A.Not Korean B.Not with someone who is Korean C.Cannot speak Korean But you'd still be greeted warmly, it's just that you wouldn't understand a word. Prayer in Korean is pretty intense. Ministers who are up their in age.....perhaps in their 80's can pray louder than rock bands can rock. It's pretty insane. But I need to leave like ten minutes ago, so a few quick notes and I'm out of here. Saw the trio last night in SF at the Thrasher Skater of the year party. I thought it was their xmas party, but I was wrong. It was a strange gig, since most of the people weren't even trio fans. There were about 200 fans and then 300 non fans that were just hanging in back and then about 20 to 30 drunk out their minds persons just demolishing each other in a make shift drunken pit. I think I was enamored by this sight then the actual show. Which is sad to say considering I got a chance to see one of my favorite bands in a beautiful venue with amazing seats on the balcony. Went with my friend Rachel and Mara, along with Jason Thinh. Mara had a sushi party at her house before the show and I ate and ate and ate... til' the body could not absorb anymore. It was delicious. The power was out in certain spots throughout the city, so driving became a traffic hazard and the thought of a total blackout became quite an interesting thought. One of fear and ignorance on my part. Hmmm....Well, today I went on an amazing bike ride. A very leisure type of day. Strolling through downtown San Jose with no worries. Well, shoooootzzz.. I got to go. Be well. Xmas is almost here.. Yikes!

Peace, mike park