February 13, 2008

7:38 AM
Looking back at what I typed yesterday, I really should proofread, but that's no fun. In exactly one week I'll be sitting in the SF airport waiting to board my plane towards London. Oh the stress... By the way, the stress is gone once I'm on the plane and there's no turning back. I've mentioned it before that I stress out regardless of where I'm going. It's just a natural tick that I have. Great eh?

Yesterday the weather was sooooo... good. 71 degrees, people in shorts, riding bikes. Oh the joy. It was so nice out that I took the day off. The family went downtown SJ and went for a walk around campus and then capped it off with BOBA TEA. Yummm...

By the way OBAMA now leads the democratic nomination. Just thought I'd mention that before I forget.

HEY!! If any of you living over the other side of the pond can let us sleep on your floor, we need lodging in these cities:
25th: England - London @ Bar Monsta
27th: England - Newcastle @ Bridge Hotel
MARCH 2008
1st: England - Durham @ Van Mildert College
2nd: England - Leeds @ The Cockpit
4th: England - Hull @ The Ringside
5th: England - Cambridge @ Portland Arms
I've included the name of the places we're playing cause we're traveling by foot. So unless you have a car, we need to walk to your place. Also, there's 3 of us total. THanks much.
Mike Park