February 12, 2008

7:02 AM
I was asleep by 7:30 PM. Woke up wide awake at 11 PM, but used all the power within to go back to sleep and when my eyes opened up again, it was 5:40 AM. WOOHOOO!!! I just slept 10 HRS! Somehow I don't feel refreshed though. Sipping Green tea at the moment trying to get my body up and moving. I'm in full stress mode now. Next Thurday I leave for EUROPE and yes... What a better time to stress than right now. FUN FUN

We went to all you can eat sushi last night with fellow asian man employees last night and let me tell you some advice. Never get all you can eat sushi. In fact, never get all you can eat anything. Why I put my body through such hell is beyond me. Actually, round one of all you can eat sushi was pretty good. But whenever you push the body to get your money's worth it never works out right. So by me falling asleep with a gut full of food can't be good can it? Maybe that's why I feel so sluggish right now.

Ok, back to the grind if that's a fair description. Be well.
Mike Park