February 07, 2008

9:06 AM
Strange, strange, strange. It seems that my need for sleep is less and less these days. Tuesday or I guess Wednesday technically I slept maybe 4.5 hrs. But I was fine all day. Alert, steadfast, and yup.. Good to go!!

At around 5 PM I felt a little tired, but after a quick trip to the gym I was fine til' 1 AM when I finally fell asleep. And I was up at 7 AM today and again I feel great. A cup of GUAYAKI tea and bam!! Good to go!!

We've had some guests over for the last two nights. Kepi Ghoulie from the band the Groovie Ghoulies. Do you remember them? Pop punk band from Sacramento. Anyways, we're doing his solo record so he's been in town working on the artwork with Skylar. Along with his bass player Danielle, I took them for some Mexican food last night at EL ABUELO. My favorite place in the south bay. Ate mass amounts of free chips along with my burrito. Large drink which i fill up again before I leave for a sweet horchata night cap. Yumm yummm

The countdown is at 14 days til' I leave for the UK.
Time flies for sure.
Mike Park