February 04, 2008

8:41 AM
I forced myself not too watch the SUPERBOWL. In an effort to stop my sports addiction I boycotted the boob tube. And this is the rolls royce of sports, so I did good eh? And you know what? I'm glad I missed it. I had a great day with the family, so I win...right? hmmm...

The countdown has begun. Only 17 days left before father and family say goodbye for one month. My goodness, the difficulty will be high. I'm curious how other touring musicians with kids deal with the situation. I must inquire.

I went to the rally for BARACK OBAMA last night at SJSU. A good crowd filled the student union to hear his wife Michelle speak. She was elegant, articulate, and moving. It was my last attempt to make sure I am making the right vote for SUPER TUESDAY. And yes, I will endorse Mr. OBAMA. Do you think the press will disclose my choice like they did for Ted Kennedy?

Ummmm... nope.
Peace, mike park