January 31, 2008

2:41 AM
I'm wide awake sitting in a dark room with only the glare of the computer monitor staring back at me. And how wonderful a feeling to know that insomnia is hitting me hard. Perhaps it's because I had a big cup of black tea at 8 PM or perhaps it's because I took a 30 minute nap at 7 PM? Hmmm...

WHo knows, but yup...I'm in panic mode. This happens when the clock ticks and I'm still awake. The only rational thinking I can come up with is that I need to sleep, but for some reason the body doesn't want to obey. Why? Who knows.

Wide awake? I take that back. I'm kind of in a squinty eyed state to be perfectly honest. Tired, but can't sleep. So it's hard to be productive in terms of getting work done. Ahhhh.. yes, it's fun to be up in the middle of the night. I should drive to TACO BRAVO and get some junk food before they close in 15 minutes. Ok, take 4 on trying to go back to sleep.
Be well.
Mike Park