January 28, 2008

9:24 AM
Greetings! And happy Monday. It's been raining non-stop this past weekend. And I mean non-stop. But nonetheless a good weekend. I went to opening night of the new RAMBO movie on Friday and yes!! Oscar nods are coming in. Seriously, I know what kind of movie it's going to be and I know we're not talking AMADEUS, but for non-stop action!! Holy moly. I loved it. The nervous mixture of "Are you serious? Can they do that? To... YES!! MORE MORE MORE! And there you have it Stallone 101.

I also made two trips to two different malls to cure stir craziness at home. We usually go on some amazing walks on the nearby trail, but of course the wetness prohibited us from going out, so the evils of the mall were a necessity to do any real walking. Maggie is walking like a champ nowadays, so the big mall with lots of eye candy is good for her. isn't it? Or maybe not? Do we really want her to succumb to the teen mall craze?
Mike Park