January 23, 2008

My eyes are half open as I am just 1 hr and 49 minutes into this 5 hr flight back home. The plane is dark and full of tourists who are sun burned from their way too short vacations. Matching ALOHA shirts aplenty, I seem to be the only one awake as the movie GAMEDAY(or something like that) starring the ROCK is playing inches above my head. I did manage an hours worth of sleep, but now I'm wide awake as is the norm when I fly. Oh well.

This past week has been a blast, but I'm ready to go home. Time to be with my wife and daughter. This one week excursion was a good test to see how I would handle the month long tour of EUROPE next month. I miss seeing my daughters face and her plentiful emotions. I can't wait to hold her and kiss her. Can't wait for her to run into my room and wake me up. Yes, family life truly is good. The ever changing developments in a baby is hard to miss out on. Anyways....
Let's recap the past week:
Arrived in Honolulu at 7:30 PM. Was greeted by my friend Chris and Hiro(whom arrived earlier in the morning). Hiro was actually wandering about taking photos of who knows what????, but yeah...it's normal for him. Chris works at the airport as a greeter for Japanese tourists. He even made a sign for HIRO when he came to pick him up. They've never met before, so it was an exciting event for HIRO to be greeted this way. A short 25 minute drive over the PALI Hwy and we arrived at our final destination. We were staying with my friend Johnny. He has a 1 bedroom apartment that we crammed into and that would be home for a week.

We took a drive to the beach so we could see the ocean and then back to home base where we caught up with fun conversation. Hiro looked the most exhausted I had ever seen before in my life. He confessed to only a few hours sleep over the past 2 days and indeed was exhausted. he crashed out a bit past 10 PM and I soon followed. Zzzzzzz....

Rise and shine at 5 AM? Yup, I was wide awake and ready to go. But unfortunately nobody else was. My body was running on California time. I noodled around on the internet until bodies started moving. I made breakfast for everyone. Cheese omelet, Portuguese sausage, and bagels. Johnny had zero cooking accessories. No oil, butter, salt, pepper, can opener. Wow. Could it be possible? Luckily SAFEWAY(grocery store) was right next door and I picked up all the necessities for the kitchen.

We explored the nearby beach all day and then headed to town to meet some friends who were playing jazz at a club at the Marriot hotel. We were again exhausted and only lasted til' about 10 PM and then headed home for more Zzzzzzz's...

More beach fun and then off to the first show which was at a punk house called the COVE that housed the members of the band GOLFCART REBELLION. Great environment and the friendly locals greeted us with plenty food and drinks. Amazing fun show with tons of smiles all around. They even had a fooseball table. How can you lose when you have a fooseball table.

We made plans with the singer and bassist for GOLFCART REBELLION to have breakfast in Kailua. We met up at around 10 AM and ate at this local place that is famous for their macadamia nut pancakes. Can't remember the name? But the line was long, the service sucked, and the food was good, but not worth the wait. Not sure what the big deal is? Anyways, we headed off into town with our new friends and went to some swimming spots. We body surfed SANDY'S beach and survived without dying. These waves break on the shore and man.. it's scary. I'm a terrible swimmer, so panic mode hit a couple times.

We then headed back to the COVE, picked up some gear and headed to the show at MARKS GARAGE, an art gallery located in downtown Honolulu. Friggin great show! I got to see a lot of people from years past and the overall vibe was extremely positive. Sold all the cd's I brought and now had some cash in my pockets. Good times all around. Caught a ride back to home base with an old friend named Mike, who lived just down the street from Johnny. Time surely flies, but the best part about touring is catching up with old friends.

The previous night, I had asked the audience if anybody lived in KAILUA and wanted to hang out w/ tourists and met a guy named Jordan who lived close by. We met up at 7:30 AM and headed to the N. shore to see the big waves, but unfortunately no big waves. But the drive was nice and we took the scenic drive home, stopping for coconut milk and plenty of photo ops.

We BBQ'd @ Johnny's parents house later in the afternoon through the night. The parents live in a beautiful place with surreal scenery. Ahhhhh... It's fun.

Last day for Hiro and I, so we borrowed Johnny's truck after dropping him off at work. Starting at 7 AM on MLK day, traffic was limited as we hiked diamond head, snorkeled at Hunamu Bay, and attempted boogie boarding at SANDY'S and MAKAPOO beach. Capping it off with a plate lunch of Kalua pig and yup.. We were locals brah!

Chris slept over Johnny's and took HIRO to the airport at 4:45 AM YIKES!!
I didn't leave til' late, so I slept in til 9 ish.... Besides a walk to the beach, I pretty much lounged around getting my stuff ready to head back home. At around 4 PM, Johnny came home from work and said let's go surf, so we headed to COCHROACH BAY and surfed small waves. Glad I got to surf once while in Hawaii. WOOHOO!!

And that's it. Nothing too fancy, just fun in the sun and yup... I'm gonna be one tired man when I get home. Be well people.
Peace, mike park