December 20, 2003
4:23 PM

Howzit, it's friggin raining like crazy and I just walked 13 blocks with Jason Thinh and therefore I'm soaking wet and I have to change my pants out of necessity. I planned on keeping the streak alive, but I am finally changing my pants. I believe that was 9 days straight? I'm not sure. I should look back on my past letters. I'm short on time right now, so I'll try to cover as much as possible during the few minutes I have. Today has been an epic day, which included my participation in saxaphones in the park in San Jose. Over 200 saxaphones playing xmas tunes. The beauty of this experience was being surrounded by all the band geeks. Now don't get me wrong...Geeks are meant to describe someone in a negative tone. Geeks are my allies. I consider myself one and only wish I could be more of one, but unfortunately it's not possible. But my love for them is strong. The whole idealogy behind the movement is hard to explain, but I feel a kinship. The event included a $12 charge which granted you a t-shirt and sheet music, but I didn't pay anything and just played randomly without music. I believe I played perhaps 20% of the time because...well...I didn't have music damn it. I'd love to elaborate on the experience, but I must go. It's a busy day and I'm using someone else's computer and it's super slow. Tonight, I'm heading to San Francisco to meet up with friends for sushi and then to the Thrasher Magazine xmas party. I'm expecting a lot of drunk people which will make for good people watching. I'll report more tomorrow.

Peace always, Mike Park