January 17, 2008

3:49 PM
Approximately 33,000 ft up via Northwest Airlines. We're about 20 minutes into this flight. Only 5 hours to go!! WOOHOO!! They surely cram them in here. My massive girth barely fits in my aisle seat. I am leaning to the right just so I can type without my elbow hitting the British dude next to me. I can tell I don't like this guy. He made a comment while a baby was crying. He said "They shouldn't let babies fly on planes". I almost looked at him in my most "I'M a badass" face and said "Who the f$ck do you think you are"? But I managed to control the HULK feature in me. I bet you didn't know I had that feature.
Oh man, I'm uncomfortable. I'll write more later.

4:49 PM
I actually fell asleep for a bit. Very rare for me on a plane and then I got duped thinking I was just two hours away from reaching honolulu, but forgot the time difference and yup.. I'm still 4 hours away. The movie they are playing is Jane Austen something something... I have interest in watching it. Why not SHREK 3? Or something mindless like NANNY DIARIES? Ok, more later.

8:03 PM
Only an hour left on this flight. I'm getting a bit crazy. I just want to land and be free. My body feels like a pretzel wanting to tear open. Ok, I'll write when I'm in Oahu.
Be well.
Peace, mike

5:37 AM
It's insanely early, but my body just woke up? Perhaps it's the time difference. 7:37 AM at home, but yup. I'm wide awake. All is good. I'm just taking this time to catch up on some work and get organized.

My friend Chris Higashimoto picked me up at the airport. Hiro Tanaka had flown in at 7 AM and was hanging out all day with Chris, so they got a good chance to bond. Chris took us over to our crash pad which is in Kailua. My friend Johnny Shwoish who played in a band called the TANTRA MONSTERS years back and was actually the first release that I ever put out that was not my own band. Anyways, we didn't do much last night. Cooked some food, got settled, and just talked. Hiro was running on fumes. He had been up for two days with maybe 2 hours of sleep under his belt. I could tell he was struggling to maintain his energy level. He's still asleep right now. But yup.. I'm excited for the day. I think we'll go to the beach in a few hours and try our hand at surfing. FUN FUN
Peace always,
Mike Park