January 16, 2008

7:57 AM
I have an eating disorder and a sleeping disorder. Other than that, I think I'm pretty normal.

Anyways.....I leave for Hawaii in 8 hours. Will arrive at 6:50 PM. Just in time to eat some shakah brah good tasting food. Monica and Maggie are staying home cause Maggie is a bit under the weather. This has caused me great sadness not to share the island beauty with my family. But the show must go on.

My super amigo Hiro Tanaka will be coming to meet me there from Japan. His first contact with the islands, so my goodness. He gets excited about seeing a cornfield in the midwest, so imagine what he'll be doing for the next 6 days. WOOHOO!!

Well, I've got much to do, so bon voyage!!
Mike Park