January 14, 2008

7:51 AM
Happy Monday to all!
Hope your weekend was beautiful. Well, I finally saw the movie JUNO that many of you have been talking about and well....THUMBS UP!! I thoroughly enjoyed the flick starring the girl who played KITTY PRIDE in XMEN 3. I'm terrible at names, I just know actors by what they've been in. Like the girl from KNOCKED UP. What's her name? Who knows? I just say the girl from GREY'S ANATOMY.

Yesterday morning I was greeted with a flat tire. I haven't had a flat in over 10 years. But I had just seen CHRISTMAS STORY, so I knew what to do. Jack up the car, take off the nuts... But one of the nuts was different?? I couldn't take it off. I looked at the manual, but nothing made sense? Hmmmm... I tried calling the dealership, but no answer. I googled "FLAT TIRE" NUTS and then read something about a locking nut. But where is the key? And in my glove box was a funny looking nut that did the job. Wow, I felt so handy figuring it out on my own. WOOHOO!!

I leave for Hawaii in two days. And with that comes my first live shows in more than 16 months. That's 16 months of no practice. And though I've been playing guitar, it's quite different than playing a set of music that hasn't been touched in quite some time. I practiced on Saturday and couldn't remember the lyrics to about 40% of my own songs. I had to go back, listen to the songs, and write out the lyrics. Crazy. And the stamina of playing an hour set is also a challenge. I realized that my voice is not in shape and also just playing the guitar for an hour straight. Damn, I guess it's time to practice all week til' my show on Friday. FUN FUN

Well, it's off to BIG O TIRES to get my flat fixed. Be well.
Mike Park