December 31, 1969

6:37 AM
Each and every morning Maggie comes storming into my bedroom from 5 AM til' I finally get up. My door closes, but won't latch. Make sense? But yup.. I'm up.

Here's the trouble maker.

She's non-stop movement now. A ball of energy that just keeps on going and going and going.

I have an obsession with COLLEGE SPORTS. Especially small time college sports like SAN JOSE STATE. The basketball games are usually at 10% capacity, so it makes for a strange and comical atmosphere as they try to inject all the ingredients of what a college sporting event would have, but without the results. You have cheerleaders, you have the pep band, you have the mascot, and you have the game, but there are no fans. Oh well, what are you going to do. It's one of the few things I enjoy about SAN JOSE. Really, think about it. If you're not from San Jose, what can you tell me about this city. The 10th largest city in the US, by the way.
Let's look at the list of the top ten and what we identify with them:
NY-pizza, times square, Letterman, broadway, too many to list
LA-walk of fame, melrose, universal, movie stars, traffic, etc.
CHICAGO-sears tower, hot dogs, deep dish, windy city, the Bears, the Cubs, etc.
HOUSTON-NASA space center, YAO MING, THE ROCKETS, THE ASTRODOME, THE TEXANS, the medical center, the all you can eat buffets, the obesity, etc.
PHILLY-Cheesesteaks, liberty bell, the eagles, 76ers, the Phillies, china town, etc.
PHOENIX-God awful heat, Spring training, the SUNS, the DIAMONDBACKS, the CARDINALS, THE COYOTES, etc.
SAN ANTONIO-THE ALAMO, the SPURS, hmmmm... actually, that's all I can think of
SAN DIEGO-The Zoo, Seaworld, the beaches, the Chargers, Padres, Fish Tacos, etc.
DALLAS-The TV SHOW, JR EWING, The Cowboys, The Mavericks, the State Fair, Kennedy assasination, etc.
SAN JOSE-You see, I can name a ton of stuff cause I live here, but what about the outsider. Besides the SHARKS, write me and tell me what you know about SAN JOSE besides the sharks.

I think the greatest celebrity from San Jose at the present is JOEY CHESTNUT, the HOT DOG EATING CHAMPION who dethroned KOBAYASHI from JAPAN.

Yup, me and the champ!! Fellow SJSU alum.

7 more days til' HAWAII.
Mike Park