January 08, 2008

8:49 AM
We had 3 interns at asian man yesterday. THREE!! That's a lot of bodies in the garage, but we needed them all. In addition to the flooding in the garage, our shed in the backyard that houses about 20,000 cd's and lp's was also flooded. I'd say we lost about 3,000 cd's and lp's to water damage. HOORAY!! Well, not hooray, but what can you do?

But yup, we gutted the storage shed, put down palates, and then tried our best to re-organize. It started getting dark, so near the end we just started putting things back in without any rhyme or reason.

Now we're ready for phase 2 of the next storm due to hit later today. Can't wait. This weekend it's supposed to clear up and get back into the 60's, so dang...it's something to look forward to.

My family and I are leaving for HAWAII in 8 days. It's the first time for Monica and Maggie. Hopefully the weather is beautiful. I'm excited. Aren't you?
Mike Park