December 19, 2003
12:27 PM

8 days and counting wearing the same pants. I've changed my shirt which is now 3 days running and my underwear and socks have been changed daily. The sweatshirt I'm wearing is getting a bit crusty. I think I'm going on 3 weeks straight wearing this thing. I just realized I went to a movie every night this week. Last night was pieces of April and I forgot to mention that the night before was the Last Samurai. Piece of April was super duper duper good. The soundtrack was so so good. It was the dude from the Magnetic Fields doing a bunch of stuff. Steven Merrit.. I think that's his name. Man, it was a pretty inspirational soundtrack. I kept thinking..this music is good.. I actually came home and played the guitar a bit. I gave a guitar lesson last night and made $25. Woohooo.. But spent it all later by paying for dinner. It was the spirit of giving that had a hold of me. Tonight Jeff Ott is playing at the outhouse in Los Gatos. I'm gonna try to go, but I have a hard time going to the Teen Center shows. I think I'm just gonna stop by and say hello and then head off to San Francisco to see some theater production at Bindlestiff studios. Bindlestiff is a non profit art space in san francisco that has music, theater, art.. Really neat place actually. Oh man...That's a lot of driving. Maybe I won't go. I feel kind of burnt out right now. We'll see. Have a good weekend.

Peace, mike