January 03, 2008

7:59 AM
My sister in law gave birth this morning. Nearly 12 hours in labor. OUCH!! But yup, I have a nephew now. And Maggie a cousin. It seems everyone is having babies these days. Perhaps it's because I'm getting older and that's what happens? Or perhaps it's because people are so intrigued by the greatness of my daughter that they want in on the fun? Hmmmm...

Oh, by the way...HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I spent NEW YEARS EVE with Monica and Maggie. Let's see what we did:
Yup, we raged!!
I did wake up at midnight to the sounds of fireworks going off.

By this time next year Maggie will be 25 months old. Maybe we can attend the early stages of a party next year. Me hopes so. I don't like this 7PM sleep schedule. And when is she going to talk? I mean, she's talking like crazy, but it's just jibberish. I know she's trying, but come on now. You're almost 14 months old. Let's get some words out of you. Tell me what you're thinking. Be the genius baby I know you are. Come on..Calculus next week.
Blah blah blah.
Mike Park