December 27, 2007

9:54 PM
The last thing I want to do lately is write in this blog, but here I am pouring my time for the tens of fans that thirst for my words of wisdom. Holy moly, it's been 8 days since I last wrote. X-mas came and went and now we gear up for 2008. Where did the years go? Oh my.. I was born in 1969. If you look at that date, you would think that I was an old man, which i am, but I'm ageless, so yup.. But how can it be possible for it to be 2008? WHo knows? I'm just blessed to be alive. Ya know what I'm saying?

Not much is going on at the present. Enjoying the slow time at work, by hanging out with the family and at the same time trying to be productive with songwriting and getting ready for next year. Planning for the EUROPE tour and trying to figure out exactly who/what/where will I be touring in the good ol' US of A? Hmmmm...
And really, does anybody even care anymore? Music will always be a staple in my life, but playing shows in the US has become a bore. I'm really not excited to tour the states. The only thing I look forward to is other countries. I'm working on AUSTRALIA for 2008 and JAPAN. Both would be amazing if I can make it happen.

Isn't Maggie the cutest baby in the world? I know I know... All babies are cute, but geeeez.. She's just like a shot of energy when i see her.

And look how cute my niece is?
It's fun having kids around for the holidays.

I'm still on the constant quest for free stuff. My friend Viet took me to see the WARRIORS last night and now my friend TERESA is taking me tomorrow to see them again. WOOHOO!!!
I win.

Peace always,
Mike Park