December 19, 2007

ATTN:Does anybody work at a KINKO'S/FED EX? I hear you get like 70% off shipping from there and I was hoping somebody worked at one in the area and could help me ship some stuff. Anybody? Help?

8:37 AM
Yesterday, my wallet was stolen from the YMCA on the Alameda somewhere between 12:15 PM and 2:00 PM. Ugghhhh!!!! I blame myself for leaving my wallet in the locker. Usually, I take my gym bag to the basketball court, but for some reason I left everything in the locker. I even thought to myself before hand that somebody was going to steal my goods.

I had like $250 cash in there. I'm dumb. Lesson learned. But it's still creepy knowing somebody lurched through my stuff. Wish I had a super power and could bend time like HIRO NAKAMURA from HEROES. Then I could go back and see who it was. That would be the best super power by far. Just a pipe dream. Or is it?

It's hard to believe that next week is XMAS. Where does the time go? I still have done no shopping. I'll wait til' the last possible moment like usual. Any good tips on gifts I should get for Mom, Sister, brother in law, wife..blah blah those type of gifts. Any help? Something useful? Come on now!!

Damn, I keep thinking about my wallet. Anyways, I'll try to forget my mistake and enjoy the day. I keep thinking that I had to work X amount of hours for the stupid mistake I made. And then I get angry, cause works no fun right? Well, kind of.. for me at least.
Peace always,
Mike Park