December 10, 2007

4:47 AM
My mouth still hurts quite a bit. I'm popping ibuprofen like it's candy these days. 3200 mg a day and I'm still waking up in pain. Ouch. Perhaps I'll call my dentist today and see if this is normal. It's been 5 painful days since my dental fun, but I still managed through the BUFFET CHALLENGE yesterday.

Starting at the ever popular HOMETOWN BUFFET, four of us entered the marathon event.




We met at 9 AM and the energy level was high. Everyone was pretty hungry as we made are way through plate after plate. Chris even managed to have 7 people sponsor him a $1 per plate to raise money for charity. Here's my damage:
Plate one:

Plate two:

Plate three:

Plate four:

Ouch.. The brimming optimism was starting to fade.

We said our goodbyes to buffet #1 and started walking towards buffet #2. Approximately 3 miles away, the time was 10:30. The weather was perfect. Blue skies, but still a bit chilly. It rejuvenated us all. We thought the walk would take a lot longer, but at 11:30 AM we were already at BASCOM

and we could already see our next destination the ROYAL TAJ.

The original plan was to hit up FRESH CHOICE for lunch and then KING BUFFET for dinner, but after checking out the prices for dinner($18.99 vs. $9.45 at FRESH CHOICE), we decided to rearrange things a bit to lighten the load on our wallets.

Anyways, it was only 90 minutes between our last meal. But we entered as soon as things opened at noon and were met by Monica and Maggie.

Incredibly, the second round began.
Plate one:

Plate two:

Plate three:

Dessert one:

Dessert two:

You may notice the plates are getting smaller and smaller. This was by far a less than stellar experience for all of us.

There were some variables that contributed to our poor outing:
A.We weren't hungry
B.Food was too spicy
C.We weren't hungry

But we pressed on and were still in good spirits.

We then walked back to HOMETOWN BUFFET to pick up my car. Drove to my house, dropped off my car and then started walking towards FRESH CHOICE. At this point it was around 3 PM and we were really starting to lose it. Fatigue, both mental and physical were setting in. Chris had already thrown up and none of us were ready for round 3.

But we soldiered on. Our legs were tired as we closed in on 10 miles of walking. But the walk once again gave us strength.
Hello FRESH CHOICE!! Here we go....
Salad and pasta to start:

split pea soup:

Pasta and meatballs:

More pesto pasta and vegetable gumbo:

and cream:

My mouth was in so much pain at this point I managed to eat the ice cream without the cold hitting my teeth. Straight on the tongue and then down the throat. Perhaps a sneak peak to the future?

We were joined by Max for dinner:

and then it was over.

Max gave us a ride home and that was it. I went inside, took another vicodin and was asleep by 7.
Mike Park