December 03, 2007

It's Monday 12:24 PM!!
I'm sitting in Terminal 1/gate 4 of the San Diego Intl Airport. The weekend has lasted for what feels like an eternity. On Friday night, I took my mom to see my 7 month old niece play the part of baby Jesus at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship.

My sister was Mary and my brother in law was Joseph. This is a huge church. At least a few thousand people and incredibly they picked little NAOMI(or NOMI as my mom pronounced the name) to play baby Jesus. Really emotional for my mom. She's been wanting grandchildren for so long and then within a year she had two. Anyways, it was pretty incredible to be perfectly honest. I found myself getting emotional.

By the way.. Props to San Diego airport for free wireless. On Saturday I flew solo to San Diego with wife and daughter still nursing colds. A smooth venture landed me at 2 PM and a quick shuttle to get my $12.95 a day rental car had me at my hotel at 2:30. Incredibly, I was only 1.7 miles away from the airport. I purchased my hotel on hotwire and you never know where you're staying, you just pick and hope. This time.. I picked good. The DOUBLETREE is nice and they give you a free cookie upon check in.

I jumped straight in the shower, got dressed, took a second to breathe and then headed off for the wedding which started at 4PM. Wondering how many people I would know, I was pleased to see some friends whom I could sit by. I ended up knowing a good # of people, so all was good. The ceremony was really sweet and the groom Michael cried during his vows. It always makes me emotional to hear another man cry. I was getting teary eyed, but powered through.

The wedding and reception were both held at a church in Chula Vista. Each table had a theme. For example, I was seated at the DEPECHE MODE table. And they rented a photo booth for the wedding and it was unlimited photos for all in attendance. I'll try to post some of those later, but yeah this was a really fun wedding. I consider myself a pretty good expert on weddings and this was a really fun one to be at. No fancy bling type of wedding, just a total DIY kick ass with friends wedding. So Eidelyn, if you read this.... GOOD JOB!! And congrats!

Coincidence or Not??? But the Depeche Mode table was almost all asian. I was seated with the only other Koreans at the event.

RICHARD PARK and DIANA CHOI(I have no idea what her last name is.. I'm guessing, but I think CHOI is a good guess). The Koreans could drink too. I think Richard polished off a 12 pack in the first 2 hours. I wish I could drink like that, but I can't. I tried to keep up, but could only drink 3 beers. I felt so bloated. But the dancing that ensued help digest the food/drinks/cake and all was wonderful again. The more the Koreans drank, the more insane they got. Yelling 38th Parallel and translating the 80's songs into Korean. I admit to be pleasantly entertained.

At one point, on the dance floor Richard pointed at the clock and said "Oh man.. It's only 8:30" and I was like "Wow.. as it felt like we had been there for a long time. My goal was to never leave the dance floor, but after an hour, I was pooped. I ventured back out a few more times, but man I definitely had a workout at the wedding.
Everything wrapped up a bit past 10 PM. I said my goodbye's and drove 11 miles north back to my hotel in Downtown San Diego. I ended up ordering a pizza, whilst watching television into the wee hours. What can I say? I like to eat.

Amazingly, I was up at 7 AM. My body responding to my daily wake up from wife and daughter. I had arranged to go to SeaWorld with VIRGINIA
and GABE
. Both whom attended the wedding and were already planning on going, so I was the third wheel. This was my second time to SEAWORLD and I have to admit that I like it. It's fun to see dolphins, Sea lions, orcas, sharks, and even penguins. They even give out free beer for those who are 21+. I kind of remembered that from the last time I went, but couldn't confirm for sure. It's pretty insane, don't you think? Free beer at an amusement park. Again, I rarely drink, but when it's free I'm all over it. We headed out a bit before 5 PM and I was dropped off back at my hotel. I ended up taking an hour nap and woke up in a daze. Wanting to go the gym, I just kept it at that. Wanting....

But after more mindless television I forced myself up and out to get some food. I walked all over looking for a non sit down restaurant, but there was nothing except for JACK IN THE BOX. But just when I was about to cave in, I got a call from Andy from BUCK O NINE. I had I tried to get a hold of BUCK-O-NINE members earlier in the day, so it was great to be able to hang out with at least one of the dudes. He took me to get some killer Mexican food. Totally different style in San Diego than San Jose or San Francisco. Deep fried rolled tacos were yummy, but pretty greasy. But I liked it. We talked a bit and then I was dropped off back at the hotel at around 9:30 PM. A homeless dude asked me for some money and I said "Sorry", then he said "I hope you get hit by a car". Damn...

And the marathon continues. I'm still here waiting for my 2:30 PM flight to leave back for home. I miss Monica and Maggie quite a bit. And though i had an amazing time, it would have been that much better with my two girls. Enough writing... geeeez...
Mike Park