December 18, 2003
4:28 PM

Oh....Man, I'm short on time right now. So it's time for speed writing. No proofreading, just free form writing for the next 3 minutes. I just ate a huge, huge meal. I got a free gift certificate for $50 at applebees and spent it all between 3 people. I feel horrible right now due to the junk food consumed. I think I'm gonna throw up. The food just wasn't that good. I would never eat there if it wasn't free. But the staff were really nice. I'm giving guitar lessons now. And have my first student tonight at 6 PM. If you're interested, get in touch. If you're not...That's cool too. My feet hurt and my rib is still sore. My bike has a flat tire, so I need to walk to the nearest gas station which is about 8 blocks away to fill it. Hopefully it's a slow leak and I can ride it to the shop and get new tubes or new tires. My threads are loking pretty low. Need to clean my room today. I finally changed into a different shirt, but I'm still wearing the same pants 7 days straight now. Oh man, this newsletter sucks. Sorry. I've got to go. Tomorrow I'll write something better. I like cheese pizza by the way. It's bad for you, but cheese tastes so good. Just thought I'd let you know.

Peace, Mike Park