November 28, 2007

8:15 AM
I've been up since 6:43 AM
And though it sounds early for most(or does it?) I feel pretty good. I fell asleep a bit past midnight, so a solid 6.5 hrs of shuteye did/does a body good.

Back to the dentist I went this past Monday. I had an evaluation of what needed to be fixed. The results were not pretty.

See the red? Well, that's all the damaged area or decay. And my bill you ask?

Yup.. You read that right. Over $5K
Why didn't I blog incessantly about finding a dentist. I'm sure somebody out there could have hooked me up, but I didn't do it. Even if you lived in Illinois and could have given me 50% off, it would have been cheaper to fly out there and do this. Or even better, i should have flown to Thailand and paid the best oral hygienist and it probably would have been a couple thousand including flight and 5 star hotel. I friggin blew it. Smile!
Peace always,