November 27, 2007

7:13 AM

Looks kind of dangerous eh? But look at the final result....

Safe and sound. Smiling big and everyone's happy.

Hope all of you had a fantastic Turkey day. Monica and Maggie were in Phoenix, my sisters family was in Detroit and thus my mom and I bypassed turkey for Korean food. I did manage some thanksgiving favorites the night before as I headed to Santa Cruz for the 14th annual BROS-GIVING. It seemed to be the most tame of this time cherished event. At midnight, I was one of 6 people left. In years past, this event would last well into the morning, usually with a dance party breaking out in the middle of the living room. Perhaps it's the old age settling in for not only me, but everyone. But geeeezzz.. I've got at least 8 years on all these dudes. Anyways, blah blah blah

My plan was to spend Saturday and Sunday in solitude with just a tape recorded and my guitar. It was time to write music. Taking advantage of my family being away, but at 8 AM I got a call from Monica. She said "we're coming home...Maggie's got a cold". They arrived at 11 AM and thus my music writing was over.

Maggie had a rough round of sleep on Sunday leaving me awake for most of the night. She pulled through like a champ though last night and I'm hopefully done being in zombie mode. Anyways, much to do, but very little time to do it. Isn't that always the way?
Mike Park