November 16, 2007

8:13 AM
A few days ago I had gotten a letter from an old amigo who works at SONY JAPAN. He was working with a band called PUFFY AMIYUMI whom has made a little bit of a name for themselves here in the US. With their own cartoon on the cartoon network and being super duper cute...I mean over the top where it's almost sickening cute. By looking at their picture,you can almost predict what they sound like and YES.... More sugar coated pop, but my goodness it works. I got hooked up with tickets, but I was so tired that I decided to stay home. But a last second burst of energy and Hiro's excitement to see them stired up some energy(8:09 PM to be exact) and we arrived at SLIM'S in San Francisco at 9:12 PM. Hiro knows PUFFY cause they are huge stars in Japan. When we got there, they were already on stage. And though the club was suprisingly only 60% full, they put on a great show with an odd mixture of people in attendance. Some little kids, but mostly older dudes who are obsessed with J-POP. Kind of creepy, but kind of amazing to see these old dudes just smiling so big. And people screaming for PUFFY.

They played til' 10:30 PM and I was back at home by 11:32 PM. Totally worth the long drive. In and out... That's the way to go to a show. Tomorrow is Maggies B-day. the BIG numero 1.
Mike Park