November 14, 2007

7:48 AM
Good morning!
I have new PJ's that my in-laws got me for my B-day. They are comfortable. This is what I usually look like when I write. Leg crossed for some reason or another?

I got free tickets to see PUFFY AMIYUMI tomorrow night in San Francisco. Do you know them? From Japan. Super over the top cute J-POP girl duo. Yup! I got free tickets from their record label in Japan. Same label as POLYSICS and they asked if I wanted to go. Heck yeah. I'll be front and center.

I forgot to show the rock and roll bus the LAWRENCE ARMS were on. The bus has 12 beds and exactly 12 dudes packed this bus to capacity. Weighing the options of taking two vans, three hotels a night, and the stress of long drives VS. the luxury bus and the home on wheels is always tough considering how much a bus costs.
With gas prices these days....It's about $900 a day to rent a bus.

What about the other option:
2 VANS=about $110 a day on gas
3 HOTEL ROOMS=about $220/day
And I guess the wear and tear on your vehicle, but damn it's truly a much more expensive venture having to take a bus. But if by any means possible, the bus is the way to go.
Yup...That's right! It's a bra. The Lawrence Arms are that kind of band.
And high def satellite TV. Man I take bad pictures and by the way they found the lingerie at a club they played. I forget which band, but a previous band rocked the women to a frenzy, the arms just decorated their vehicle to look like they were the true rockers.

I tried taking pictures of the show, but everything came out looking horrible. Here's one of SUNDOWNER.
Yeah, I know. It's time for a new camera.

Well, I'm off to work now. Be well. Enjoy your day.
Mike Park