November 13, 2007

8:45 AM
My amigo Hiro Tanaka is staying with my family through Sunday. Hiro weighs about a buck fifteen at the most, yet he can almost keep up with me in the eating department. Considering I'm twice his size it's a pretty admirable feat. To be honest, he's kind of gone down hill in the last few years. I remember first meeting him and thinking "WOW....He can eat!!" and now it's "wow(lowercase)...he can eat!(one exclamation)

But's good to have him around. He's a fun person and somebody who enjoys life more than most. We're gearing up for Maggie 1st B-DAY this Saturday. Preparing for the mass amounts of food, beverage,cake, decorations, clean up, etc.. It's a lot of work. Geeeeesh... But all worth it. Korean tradition holds the number uno birthday in high regard. Complete with traditional Korean dress. Should make for good pics.

Back to work. There's much to do.
Mike Park