November 12, 2007

9:26 AM
We had a rainy weekend. Actually, yesterday was nice...or nice enough, but Saturday rained and rained and rained. I had gone up to San Francisco at 10 AM on Saturday to meet my friend Hiro from Japan. He had hitched a ride with the LAWRENCE ARMS from the city of Angels to the city by the bay. But our plans to just walk and walk were thwarted by the rain. We still managed at least an hour or so, but our feet were soaked and my goodness, we were getting pretty cold.

We tried to go the mall downtown, so we could walk under the shelter of many a rooftop, but no parking was to be had. We found a meter about 5 blocks away, but at $.25 per minutes, we only had enough to fill 57 minutes. And that was barely enough time for us to get there, use the toilet, and head back.

But the positives are:
A.We managed to eat burritos in the mission
B.We had a smoothie
C.We didn't catch cold

And so we headed back to home base, which was at the bottom of the hill This is where the LAWRENCE ARMS sported a tour bus for the first time on a US tour. And I love tour buses. I tried taking a nap in one of the bunks, but I'm pretty sure I just tossed and turned for an hour and a half.

My goodness, it was to be a long day. The show didn't even start til' 9:30 PM and the Lawrence Arms didn't hit the stage til' a bit past midnight. The show was over at 1:20 AM and I was a tired old man.

Shooooootzzzz... I've got to take this phone call. I'll write more later and post some pics. Be well.
Mike Park