November 09, 2007

7:34 AM
The final step in my root canal was completed yesterday at approximately 2:47 PM. Though my appointment was for 2PM, I wasn't seated and ready to go til' 2:35 PM. 2 novocaine shots and then a cap to finish off my $2,000+ tooth. Great fun!

All was fine until around 8:30 PM and then the most excruciating pain filled my tooth. I can't describe the pain as I've never had such an experience. I woofed down 2 motrin, but nothing. Another one went down at 10 PM and finally around 11 PM, the pain started to dull. Maybe I'm so large that it takes large three times the amount to penetrate my system. Suggested dosage is one. Anyways, I feel fine now and that's friggin fantastic.

I'm still a bit stressed about some work related stuff. But so is life. Everything can't be milk and cookies all of the time. Why I even stress is kind of silly when I think about the trials and tribulations of most of the world. Do what I need to do and then move forward. That's all I can do. Ok, so as you can see I'm up early. Lots to do, so here I go. Be well. Enjoy your weekend. Smile big.
Mike Park