December 17, 2003
11:44 AM

Perhaps I have a broken rib. I played basketball last night and took a shoulder to the rib cage. Immediate pain shrieked through that area, but the competitor in me shook it off and I continued to play another 3 games. Pain was gone. Took a shower, went home, rode my bike for a good 40 minutes. Totally forgot about it and then around 10:30 PM, there was a little twinge of pain in my upper left rib cage. Ouch and then around 2 AM the pain really started. And now it's still painful. I broke my rib about 5 years ago, so I'm kind of seeing and feeling the parallels of the past and it seems to be the same thing. I hope my rib isn't broken. I was out of commission for 2 months. When I say out of commission, I mean no basketball. And that's my only source of excercise besides riding my bike. But basketball gives me the real excercise where I actually sweat like crazy and feel like I got a workout in. Last night was movie night. Movie night is at a girl named Eidelyns house. She lives on 23rd and Santa Clara, 12 blocks from me. And she has the TUESDAY CLUB. Where she has people over and a movie is shown and people drink in excess, but I don't drink.. I tried to drink a glass of wine, but I don't like the taste. I much rather drink a coke or a cup of tea. I actually brought two bottles of wine. I stopped by the liquor store and bought the cheapest wine that was on sale. $4.99 a bottle. That's gotta be pretty fancy stuff at that price. Eidelyns roomate Julio new the brand of wine . He said "GALLO", that's a good wine. I said "You're kidding right, I bought it for $4.99". But he said it was good. Who is one to argue. I shoulld of said it was a vintage wine costing $49.99. The movie last night was the two towers, getting pumped up for the new movie that opens today. I hate the opening day fiasco, so I'm gonna wait a few weeks to see it. Those Lord of the Rings movies are long!! Yesterday they showed all three at a theater in San Jose. With intermissions and previews, I bet that was 10 hours plus of movie watching. That's a long, long time. If I didn't have to work, I would have definitely done that. I love movies so very much. The rental movies aren't as exciting. I love the feel of a theater and the smell of fresh popcorn popping and the pitter patter of the projector in a vintage theater. The art theaters are the best. They're more than likely at least 30 years old and the girls who work there are always cute. And I smile big and remember their names which equates to free popcorn more times than not. I have developed the art of getting free stuff. It's something that I was born with. A skill perhaps that can't be taught. Either you have it or you don't. What's on the schedule today? Hmmmmm....Work and then I need to help Bridgett move to a new place downtown and then I'll meet my friend Stephanie for dinner and a walk. Christmas is a week away. That's crazy. It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. I'm not the scrooge, but I'm not feeling it this year.

Peace always, Mike Park