November 05, 2007

8:13 AM
My calf is still on the mends and I believe I might have re-injured myself yesterday. Going on a leisurely walk through a neighboring park, but perhaps we went for too long as my leg is in much pain. Argghhh.. Perhaps it's a sign? Of what I'm not sure??

Bowling at SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY on Sundays means half price for students. That's $.90 a game. And since I still have a student body card courtesy of Viet Tran, too makes me a student. Thankfully they haven't changed the card since last year. Yeah, I know it's silly saving $.90 a game, but man I can't deny loving it. I think the fact that they don't think twice that I'm not a student is pretty cool. I mean I'm nearing 40 years old and if it wasn't for my graying hair, I know I could pass for early 20's. Cause I'm just that friggin amazing!! What benefit is that? Well, I'm not sure? Hmmmm...

I bowled a high of 178 on my last game. My leg was in overdrive pain last night, but I still managed the high score of the night. Yup...ME=WINNER

When you produce VINYL, the manufacturers send you test pressings for you to listen and approve before they start the mass manufacturing of the vinyl order. For some reason these have become huge collectible pieces for vinyl enthusiasts. So last week I put up all my test pressings on EBAY and wow... Look at the prices soar!! ascsZ1QQsassZpunkrockordersQQsbrsrtZd

Looks like I'll have money for the San Diego Zoo after all.
Mike Park