November 01, 2007

ATTN:Anybody work or know someone who works at SEAWORLD or the SAN DIEGO ZOO?? Can you hook me up with free tickets.. Come on... Hook me up!!

Ahhhhh...last night was really fun. My mom came over to join in on the candy collecting. I took pictures and we trekked out as the sun went down. Here's a pic of Maggies first trick or treat encounter.

We met some neighborly peeps whom had a little baby too. Smile everyone!

My mom gave out candy to all the little ones in the neighborhood. Her house is located in an area that is kind of dark and scary at night, so no kids come down that way. This is probably the first time she gave out candy in years!! I could tell she had fun. She let the kids pick what candy they wanted:
Nobody took the Almond Joy, so my mom would try to sell them on it. "Oh...The blue one is really good!", but kids know. Almond Joy sucks! That's what I thought when I was a kid. I kind of like it now, but not back then.

Ok, I'm off to work.
Mike Park