October 31, 2007

8:23 AM
Happy Halloween!
Tonight will be Maggie's first time doing the trick or treat thang. Though she can't eat candy, we'll take her around the block so that we can eat her candy. Is that kosher? Shoooootzzzz....

I wonder if our house will get egged? When did Halloween become a holiday of egging and shaving cream? Do people still do this? I remember being in high school and going out to specific neighborhoods just throwing eggs at homes? And then I think about that now and wonder why? Was that fun?

When I first moved to Los Gatos I was 9 years old. My mom took me trick or treating and just put an old sheet over me and cut out eyes. Which isn't so bad. A ghost is always fun, but the sheet had a frilly flower trim, so it was pretty ghetto. But I got candy.

Other bad costumes? I used to work at the VELVET TURTLE, which was a restaurant in San Jose, California. For a few Halloweens, I would just wear my work clothes and pretend I was a bus boy. Hmmmm... what else?
I've been a big fan of the 80's look. There's been at least two times I've tried that angle, but both times I think people just thought I was a frat boy who wore IZOD shirts that glowed in the dark. Who knows? One time I was in Chicago for the ALKALINE TRIO Halloween show and the drummer admitted to me that he didn't know I was wearing a costume. Really?? i thought to myself. How sad.

But yup.. It's fun to think of all the different costumes through the years. Sadly, I didn't dress up this year and don't plan on it tonight. I'll give out candy to kids and smile big.
Mike Park