October 29, 2007

9:02 AM
A pretty uneventful weekend. Monica and I just seemed to be in a lull. Not wanting to do much of anything. Perhaps it's because of my prolonged bouts of insomnia or perhaps it's because we've become prisoners to our daughters demands and schedule? WHo knows?

I wish I could veg out in front of the TV and watch football all day, but when you don't have cable and your only hope is positioning the rabbit ears just right......well, it's just not the easiest thing watching horizontal lines amongst a snow storm guessing if a pass is completed or not.

I think everyone goes through phases of laziness. Mine has been longer than usual. In a given week, I can have a few great days and then a few off days where I stare blank faced at the computer screen. And now that my right calf is hurt, I'm done with basketball for a at least 5 weeks. This is no good for me. Without the physical activity of basketball I'm doomed to gain a bakers dozen in weight over the holiday season and fall/winter months. And I haven't stepped on a scale for quite some time. Fearing the worse, that I've finally broken 300 lbs. Well, yeah.. I'm being a little extreme, but with my eating habits and lack of exercise. It's a recipe for disaster. Perhaps I can balloon up to 350, join the biggest loser show on TV, and then get ripped. Hmmmmm....
Mike Park