October 25, 2007

9:13 AM
I got my tooth fixed. # 13 on the diagram. I went in to just see what was wrong and left with a root canal that cost me $2147. Good deal? I got three shots of novocaine because my big boy physique needed more more more. The normal assistant was out of town so the receptionist was helping out in the pseudo surgery, she had sores all over her hands. The dentist gave me the dead fish handshake. But I did get a free 8 oz bottle of water, so I feel like I got my money's worth. I was going to steal a tube of toothpaste in the bathroom to further my money woes, but I opted not to.

So let's recap tooth fun:
-sometime after dinner my tooth starts hurting.
6ish AM-awoken by throbbing tooth ache
(My wife makes me an appointment at the dentist)
10 AM-my appointment starts and they tell me I need a root canal for the bargain price of $2,147
2:30 PM-4.5 hours later, I leave the office. The left side of my face is so numb, I end up spitting all over myself on my final rinse.

I had slept perhaps 4 hours going into the dentist. Starving, with a pained mouth, I went to work and did nothing more than fall asleep for an hour. Before long it was 5 PM and I headed home. My mom made me a smoothie though and that was delicious. So things were on the up and up.

Rewind two weeks:
Strained my right calf playing basketball. Limped my way through a few days, but didn't mention it because I didn't want you people to think I complained.. Ummmmm yeah.

Tried running a week later. No good. Calf was stiff, so I stopped right away. And then last night at 7:30 PM I had a basketball game to play in and pop, my calf gave out. Ouch. So there I was sitting on the floor, calf strained, tooth hurting, with my 8 OZ bottle of water wondering what a wonderful day it has been.

I iced my calf on a frozen piece of chicken and ate an entire quart of SOY DREAM ice cream. And then the clock kept ticking, yet I was wide awake.
1 AM
2 AM
3 AM
4 AM
and I guess I fell asleep.
Be well.
Mike Park