October 23, 2007

8:13 AM
I've got a throbbing tooth ache. Ouch. On the left hand side, fifth from the middle to be exact. The pain is so bad it actually woke me up for good this morning. Darn.. Anybody a dentist within 60 miles of SAN JOSE? I have no insurance. Will you hook me up with a discount? Darn...
I wonder if Maggie misses Gerry? When he was visiting, we'd have her pay him an early morning visit knowing that he was probably hung over and smelled like alcohol, but he was always bright and cheery as soon as he saw her. Toughing out any discomforts he may have been going through.

Speaking of Maggie, she's about to walk any day. She's pulling herself up with ease, taking a stroll around the table, chair, couch, etc.. Basically anything she can get a hold of becomes a device to pull her up. She's also making faces. Mimicking yours and the results are in:

We also invested in this baby carrying device called the ERGO?? Hmmmm... I think that's what it is, but man it's awesome. Monica and I are now able to endure long walks without Maggie going out of her mind. After awhile she just falls asleep and everybody's happy.
She also wore her first pair of blue jeans over the weekend. Yup!! I love her so much.
Mike Park