October 22, 2007

11:43 AM
Blue skies in California today. Seriously, not one cloud as I peek out the window. Work is the last place I want to be. I'm gonna try to get as much done in the next few hours and then bail out to hang out with Maggie and Monica. A nice walk is in order today. In fact, it will be mandatory. I mean I'm the boss, so woop dee doo.

Sad news for punk fans. Lance Hahn from J-CHURCH passed away over the weekend. He had been sick for quite some time, but was still writing, recording and touring through it all. But still, news of his passing seemed quite sudden. My old band had played with his old band in 1989 and he had interviewed me for his Zine about a decade ago. And though I didn't know him very well, I always felt connected to him for various reasons. Perhaps it's because we are both Asian Americans involved in the punk scene? Or because we both were from the BAY AREA? hmmmm... But yup.. If you knew Lance, then I'm sure you're feeling bummed out as well.

Back to work.
Mike Park