October 19, 2007

8:47 AM
Good morning! Hope all is wonderful in your lives whilst reading this. Perhaps by reading this, you will be blessed and have an amazing jump start to a great weekend. My goal for the last three days was to somehow get my wife and I out to see the movie INTO THE WILD. Since it's a 2.5 hr epic saga that turns into 3.5 hrs when adding in drive time, parking, trailers, etc..then you've got a long gap of babysitting time for GRANDMA PARK who will be watching Maggie Park. DOes this make any sense?

Well, Grandma is 71 now so an 11 month who constantly wants to get in trouble can be tiring for anyone, let alone my mom. So I'm a bit worried, but we will give it a try today.

Various events have thwarted our attempts to watch said movie, but we will go for a third try today at 2 PM. I will eat more buttered popcorn than any normal person should. Add lots of soda and more popcorn and my appetite will be spoiled for dinner. These are the little things that get me excited about life.
Be well.
Mike Park