October 18, 2007

9:30 AM
Wouldn't it be nice to live in San Francisco? I think about this often when I'm driving home after a show. Though the late night dull in traffic only takes 52 minutes from a club called BOTTOM OF THE HILL, it's still 52 minutes of mind numbing driving.
I could imagine myself riding my bike there instead, stopping off for a late night burrito and back at home before the birds start chirping.

And then it dawns on me again why this luxury doesn't exist in San Jose? How does this not exist here? Let's take a random in November. Let's say Saturday the 10th. Here are shows I would go to if it were in San Jose:
THE MENTORS @ ANNIES SOCIAL CLUB(Well, not a huge MENTORS fan, but it would be interesting)
hmmmm.. actually, those are the only shows I'd go to. I'd actually probably not go to the MENTORS even if it was in San Jose, but I'd probably ride my bike past to see the if old junkie punks showed up.

But the point is I think every night there's at least one show that I'd go to. But the south bay doesn't have that. Man, I'd move downtown San Jose if it wasn't full of constant bling bling bar crowds with thumping cars cruising down the boulevard. Oh well. My optimism is so down on this area. I've got to liven(is that how you spell it?) up. Alright, I'm babbling. Sorry.
Mike Park