December 16, 2003
10:51 AM

I just realized I've been wearing the same clothes for 5 days in a row. Why am I wearing the same clothes you ask? Why not... I change my underwear and socks. Isn't that good enough. I awoke last night with a fiery pain in my gut. One so painful that it woke me up from my sleep and put me on the toilet for the next hour. I was depressed last night and since I don't drink or rarely drink I usually eat myself to submission. It's another form of self infliction. I ate a large frozen pizza at around midnight and added a hunk a cheese that might have been a bit old. Hmmmm.... That's what I'm thinking happened. I have such an iron stomach that usually I can eat through leather and would be fine. You see kids and adults... Yesterday, Miya(works here at asian man for the last 6 years) whom I consider one of the best, best, best, best persons in the whole wide world told me that she is applying for another job closer to home. She lives an hour away from asian man and commutes over an hour to work and back home. That's more than two hours a day driving. It would make me insane. Plus, she's super talented and could make a lot more money doing something else. But I love her so much. I feel my heart crumbling. But being the total optimist in life, my bouts with depression are very limited. I feel better already. I just went through a day of reflection and sadness. And I'm sure she'll still be involved in asian man in some capacity forever. It's just gonna be tough not being able to see and talk to one of your best friends everyday. Sniff..sniff... By the way...Last night to get my mind off of things, I went on saw Bad Santa. I give it a 7. SO many bad words. Bad words are bad...Hence the name...BAD SANTA. But I definitely laughed during many scenes. I'll work today and tonight I will eat dinenr with Miya and then go to a friends for movie night. Tuesday is now movie night. Let's see how long that lasts. Be well everyone.
PS-to my neighbor Marryanne..Please don't say anything to my mom about this..

Peace always, Mike