October 16, 2007

7:27 AM
It's been a long two weeks. Today we said goodbye to our final three guests. Ted/Heather/and baby Sylvia left at 7:07 AM
and now we are alone in our home. It is quiet as Maggie looks around wondering where all the people went. Silence can be beautiful, but it's nice having old friends around. Reminiscing about the past and such. I guess that's what you do when you get older.

Dan Potthast got married on Saturday. I forgot my camera so I bootlegged some photos off of my friend Lauren's photo flicker type of thing.

They invited all guests to ride their bikes from their home to the beach where the wedding was taking place. Quite an army of bikes. Unfortunately I had to drive, since I didn't and don't have a baby stroller for my bike. But the images of a large posse of bikes traversing down pacific avenue whilst cars honk their horns in support is pretty darn awesome. Wish I could have ridden with them.

What a picturesque day. Rain had been pouring down the previous night and left in time for their wedding. Bright blue skies aplenty and actually quite a warm day for October.

The reception was at the old vets hall in Santa Cruz and Satori supplied the music. There's nothing quite like having Rocksteady and Reggae played live at a wedding. We danced and danced. Maggie lasted til' a bit past 8 PM, so the party was over for us as headed back over the hill towards home.

That night we had 5 people staying with us and they trickled in around midnight. Gerry Lundquist came tumbling home in a drunken stupor as we laughed and cried at his antics. He is a machine that keeps on ticking through painstaking experiences.
Ahhhh... there's so much more to write, but I'll end it here. I'm tired people. It will be nice to have a few days off to relax. Be well.
Mike Park