October 12, 2007

10:02 AM
Last night, the final members of MU330 came into town for Dan Potthast's wedding. They decided to do a last minute house show in Santa Cruz. The result was drunken fun and good times for all. Dan's Mom, brothers, nephews, and wife to be Shannon's MOM/DAD, Uncle + a slew of friends crammed into an old punk house off of Ocean St. and we danced to sloppily played MU330 songs.
The police showed up at a bit past 11 PM. What a shame. I know they would have played all night if they hadn't. Afterwards, a group of us walked across the street to FERREL'S DONUTS and ate freshly made bear claws. Nothing more healthy than deep fried dough filled with sugary goo.. Yummm.. yummm..

I'm extremely tired. There's lots to do at work and I'm just wanting to hang out. Too little sleep, too much coffee, and more greasy food than imaginable has made me a sluggish man. OH boy. Guests remain til' Tuesday of next week. Wish me luck.
Mike Park