October 10, 2007

8:21 AM
Sipping throat coat tea feels quite good in the morning. For the last 3 days my throat has felt like hell upon awakening, but after some tea and general body movement I'm usually A-OK!

Dan Potthast from MU330 is getting married this weekend and the troops are filing in. We will have a grand total of 7 people staying with us. Last night, super heroes Gerry Lundquist and Rob Bell arrived. The rest will follow suit on Thursday and Friday. Multiple trips to SAN JOSE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT is always a blast. Woop Woop

Upon arrival to our home, Maggie sat on the floor eyeballing the two strangers(though she had met gerry 5 months ago). First a smile and then tears. Why? But after a bit of time she warmed up to them and now they are best friends. Of course I didn't take any pictures cause I tend to forget the kodak moments in life.

After Maggie and Monica turned in for the night, we raged like madmen going to the movies of course. Rob wanted a comedy so we saw the HEARTBREAK KID. Reviews have been poor at best, but what do the critics know? Ahhhhh... We walk in the theater and YES!! Not one person. Not a single person. Amazing. We had the whole theater to ourselves. We thought somebody will come in, but not a soul made their way through the doors. Not a good sign for a movie that just opened last weekend. But the silly movie was more than great. We deemed it the best movie of the year!! Not really, but we laughed aloud where you were supposed to laugh and we clapped along to the music and yup.... we are winners.

But I'm up early to get work done so I can hang out all day. Be well, it's time to do mail order.
Mike Park