October 04, 2007

5:09 PM
Thursday already. Another week flying by. Monica's parents have been here since Saturday. We've been eating like kings since papa Nappi suprised us with a deluxe Webber BBQ. My first real fancy BBQ. I think I've eaten more meat this week than the past few years combined. Strange that both Monica and I were vegetarians at one point and now we are part of the carnivorous family. And though I still support the ideas of a vegan lifestyle, I sadly am addicted to meat. Perhaps one day it will change again. perhaps...

And I'm not alone. People from the past who were once adamant about their vegetarian diet are now meat eaters. We'll be at a function and then I'll see meat on their plate. My reaction is "What happened"? And they usually just go.. "ummm.. ya know...drrrr..."

Maggie likes Grampa Nappi.

She smiles big when he's around. Maggie has her first cold of her life. Note.. OCT. 2007:MAGGIES FIRST COLD. it's so sad. She's coughing and looking at me babbling in baby talk. Saying "Dad, help". But what can I do? I can just hold her.

Anyways, I've got to go. Be well.
Peace, mike park